Structural Design & Consultancy

Structural design is the core of our business and expertise. We pride ourselves in our ability to produce practical and economical designs to suit the specific needs of every client. We are experienced in the use of efficient flat slab design and seismic design of buildings. We are well conversant in the use of finite element analysis and in the use of advanced computer modelling.

We have engineered both small and large scale buildings and consider ourselves to be well adapt in offering the most practical solutions for most buildings.  Our structures have gained a reputation for being efficient and cost effective and the office often tries to adapt solutions to a particular site requirements. Over the last years we have grown the business to include larger scale engineering projects. Completed projects include the Marsa Junction Bridges, a 10,000m² Commercial and Residential area in Qawra and a large pedestrian bridge in St. Venera.

Given Malta’s use of masonry, we have in house masonry structural specialists and are very adapt at integrating its use with both concrete and steel buildings.  We pride ourselves on meticulous detailing as we believe that it is an essential part of structural design.

Site supervision is also given a lot of importance at SAS Malta and buildings are rigorously checked before being approved.

Architectural design

Architectural design and planning services has become an important part of our business. We have successfully applied for a large amounts of planning permits ranging from residential to commercial. We meticulously try to offer our clients a personalised service adapted to each person’s requirements and do our utmost to facilitate the planning process. We are punctual in our delivery and try to come up with innovative designs and processes.

Valuations and surveys

Valuations and surveys are an important part of a perit’s office in Malta. We are constantly investing in research and training to keep abreast of the latest developments in the real estate market in Malta. We offer this service to property owners and developers alike as well as to first time buyers and any potential buyers or sellers. We reassure clients that we offer an unbiased and impartial service. Valuations have become a big part of our business.

Conservation and restoration consultancy.

The office has worked as consultant on various buildings ranging from towers to houses of characters. The office is in fact specialised in the conservation of masonry structures. Services include restoration method statements, deterioration mapping drawings, conservation mapping documents and historical research.