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At SAS, we believe in the power of innovative design and engineering excellence to shape a better world for all.

Our vision

SAS’s overarching vision is to be a trailblazer in the engineering and architectural industry, driving innovation and shaping remarkable spaces that enrich lives. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, we strive to exceed client expectations by delivering solutions that seamlessly blend creativity, functionality, and sustainability.

Our vision extends beyond individual projects; we aspire to contribute positively to society, leaving a lasting impact through our transformative designs. Through collaboration, expertise, and a passion for pushing boundaries, SAS aims to shape a future where exceptional design and engineering inspire and elevate communities worldwide.

Our Mission

SAS is on a mission to revolutionise the engineering and architectural landscape by providing unparalleled expertise and delivering exceptional solutions. Our mission is to create innovative and sustainable designs that transcend boundaries, enrich the built environment and enhances people’s lives.

With a relentless focus on client satisfaction, we strive to surpass expectations, foster long-term partnerships, and make a lasting positive impact on the communities we serve. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, SAS is dedicated to shaping a future where visionary design and impeccable engineering converge to create extraordinary spaces that stand the test of time.

Why Choose us


Consistently, SAS upholds the highest standards of professionalism, adhering to ethical principles and demonstrating integrity in every aspect of our work. Our team’s expertise, punctuality, and commitment ensure exceptional service delivery to our valued clients.

Quality Assurance

At SAS, our quality Assurance is unwavering. We rigorously adhere to industry standards, employing stringent quality checks at every stage, ensuring our deliverables meet the highest benchmarks of precision and excellence.

Customer Service

Our team is dedicated to exceeding customers’ expectations. We prioritise clear communication, responsiveness, and personalised solutions, ensuring that all our clients’ needs are not only met but also consistently surpassed.

Value Engineering

Employing a systematic approach, at SAS we optimise project costs whilst maintaining quality and functionality. Ultimately, through value engineering like meticulous analysis and innovative solutions, our aim is to truly enhance project value.


Years Of Experience


Projects Completed

The Team

Meet SAS Behind The
Scenes Success

Meet SAS Behind The Scenes Success

Principal Structural engineer and architect

Obtained his Bachelor in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Malta in 2005. Has also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Masonry Structures from the University of Malta and an MSc. in Advanced Concrete Structural Engineering from Imperial College London. Worked with established practices in Malta for a number of years before setting up SASMalta. Throughout the years projects have included large commercial, infrastructural, hospitality and residential buildings both in Malta and abroad. Is a Chartered Engineering Fellow with the British Institution of Civil Engineers and the Chartered Association of Building Engineers. Is also warranted as an Architect and Civil Engineer by the Government of Malta and FEANI. Is also a member of the Institution of Structural Engineers, the Concrete Society and the Malta Chamber

Other team members

Office Manager

Francesca Busuttil

Lead Structural Engineer

Neelam Patil

Lead Structural Engineer & architect

Lara Brincat

Sr. Structural Engineer & architect

George Fenech

Structural Engineer and architect

Jean Zammit

Jr. structural engineer & architect

Rebecca Mifsud


Matias Ordone

Jr. structural engineer & architect

Jake Tanti

Planning executive

Celine Platts

Jr. structural & architectural technician

Ryan Debono

Client testimonials

Building Better Relationsips

Building better relationships is at the heart of what we do at SAS. Our reputation is built on providing quality services that exceed expectations and we measure our success through the glowing testimonials from our satisfied clients. Experience the SAS difference first-hand and read our clients’ honest reviews before joining our list of delighted clients.

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