Palazzo in Balzan



Project Cost

€1.5 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

The Palazzo Restoration project in Balzan was completed with meticulous care and this ambitious residential endeavour brought new life to a grand palazzo, preserving its historic charm while infusing it with modern elements to cater to contemporary living. The Palazzo, located in the heart of Balzan, was skill-fully converted from a historic mansion into a modern residential masterpiece. The restoration was a labor of love, as our architectural team worked diligently to maintain the palazzo’s original grandeur while accommodating the lifestyle needs of its future inhabitants. Structural engineering played a pivotal role in the transformation process. Extensive steel alterations and new builds were implemented to reinforce the palazzo’s structural integrity and adapt it to the demands of modern living. The careful balance between preserving the original architecture and introducing innovative elements ensured that the project honoured the palazzo’s heritage while embracing the present. One of the project’s highlights is the innovative pool design that was seamlessly integrated into the palazzo’s grounds. The pool area became a tranquil oasis, enhancing the overall living experience and offering a serene retreat for the residents. Our architectural team paid close attention to every detail, ensuring that the pool design harmonised with the palazzo’s aesthetic and historical significance.

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