Hotel in Sliema



Project Cost

€5 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This commercial marvel, located in the vibrant area of Sliema, underwent an extraordinary transformation, navigating intricate challenges with finesse. The project posed unique challenges as it involved carrying out alterations while preserving the existing fabric of the building. Our team of architects and engineers embarked on a journey of meticulous planning to seamlessly integrate modern upgrades while respecting the existing character of the original structure. One of the key challenges was the addition of columns to support the new additions while leaving the existing layout intact. This required a delicate balance of structural adjustments to ensure that the new and old elements coexisted harmoniously. The addition of floors was a pivotal aspect of the project, offering expanded accommodations to the hotel guests. Each floor was thoughtfully designed to offer comfort, style, and modern amenities, while seamlessly integrating with the existing building’s fabric. To accommodate the upper floors and their added load, large transfer slabs were ingeniously designed. These advanced engineering solutions facilitated smooth load distribution, ensuring the stability and integrity of the building’s structure while accommodating the new floors. During the renovation, the existing columns were found to be deteriorated, necessitating reinforcement to meet modern safety standards. Our team expertly addressed this concern, diligently beefing up the existing columns to ensure their structural adequacy.

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