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This project is an awe-inspiring residential project that has left an indelible mark on the architectural landscape of Sliema. The project seamlessly integrated our architectural and structural engineering expertise to achieve a vertical expansion that defied convention and redefined the concept of modern urban living. The central focus of the project was the addition of a new floor to an existing building. This daring decision required detailed analysis and innovative planning to ensure structural stability and adherence to safety standards. Our architectural and engineering teams collaborated closely to design a seamless transition that seamlessly merged the new floor with the existing structure while enhancing the overall aesthetic and functionality. The detailed analysis conducted during the planning phase was essential to overcome the challenges presented by the vertical expansion. Our teams meticulously studied the building’s existing foundations and structural capabilities, ensuring that the new floor would not compromise the integrity of the entire structure. Rigorous assessments were made to address any potential risks, resulting in a comprehensive plan that ensured a safe and robust vertical addition. Challenging planning constraints were also encountered throughout the project, as our teams navigated zoning regulations and guidelines to execute the ambitious vision.

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