Commercial, Residential

Apartments in Qormi



Project Cost

€1.5 million

Scope of work

Architectural Design, Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This project nestled in Qormi, being a remarkable Block of Apartments, stands tall as a testament to architectural and structural prowess. This commercial endeavor harmoniously combines contemporary living spaces with a ground floor showroom, catering to the diverse needs of its occupants. The core of the project involved the construction of a modern block of apartments, providing residents with comfortable and stylish living spaces. The ground floor was thoughtfully allocated for a showroom, offering commercial opportunities that add vibrancy and convenience to the surrounding area. However, the site itself presented unique challenges, characterized by fill and silty ground conditions. To ensure the structural stability and longevity of the building, piles were employed as a foundation system. The use of piles served as a reliable solution, providing a solid footing on which the entire structure would stand confidently. To further enhance the building’s structural integrity, a rigid beam and slab raft system were meticulously designed. This system distributed loads evenly, making the building resilient to various forces and ensuring its long-term durability. The rigid beam and slab raft system played a pivotal role in minimizing the impact of the challenging ground conditions, fortifying the building against potential risks. The ground level of the block of apartments featured large Finite Element (FE) transfer slabs. These innovative slabs facilitated seamless transitions between different areas and supported the load transfer across various sections of the building. The design of the FE transfer slabs added both structural efficiency and architectural flexibility to the project.

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