Apartments in San Gwann



Project Cost

€3 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

Nestled in San Gwann, this completed block of apartments project embodies the perfect blend of modern living and cost-effectiveness, making it a coveted haven for residents seeking an economic yet comfortable lifestyle. The client’s specific demand for an extremely economic building was at the forefront of the project. Our team of architects and engineers collaborated closely to devise innovative solutions that optimized costs without compromising on quality. The successful execution of this vision reflects our commitment to delivering structural excellence while adhering to budgetary constraints. The irregular layout of the building presented its own set of challenges, demanding a thoughtful and adaptable approach to design and construction. Our team rose to the occasion, skillfully navigating the complexities of the irregular layout and transforming them into opportunities for creative architectural solutions. This project is recognized as one of the most challenging projects undertaken by our office. This accolade reflects the dedication and expertise of our team, who relentlessly pursued excellence to overcome the project’s complexities and deliver a successful outcome. Throughout the project, Finite Element (FE) technology was implemented, providing advanced engineering solutions to enhance the building’s structural efficiency. FE technology optimized the design, ensuring structural integrity while minimizing material usage and construction costs.

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