Commercial, Residential

Apartments in St Paul’s Bay



Project Cost

€8 million

Scope of work

Architectural Design, Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This completed block of apartments project, which is a multifaceted development encompassing both residential and commercial spaces, offers residents and businesses a dynamic and vibrant living environment. The project posed several challenges that our team skillfully tackled to deliver an economically viable and efficient design. The basement underwent a meticulous redesign to optimize space and resources while maintaining structural integrity. The result is a well-designed basement that caters to the diverse needs of the entire development. The layouts of the apartments presented irregularities, requiring innovative design solutions to create functional living spaces. Our architects skillfully crafted layouts that maximize living area while ensuring a seamless flow between rooms, providing residents with comfortable and practical homes. Piling works were strategically employed to safeguard neighboring properties, demonstrating our commitment to responsible engineering practices that prioritize safety and stability. The implementation of these measures allowed for the creation of a safe and secure living environment. To accommodate the various loads and functions of the development, the project feature massive transfer slab. The block of apartments represents a harmonious blend of architectural innovation, structural efficiency, and commercial viability, creating a living and commercial space that reflects the dynamic spirit of St. Paul’s Bay.

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