St. Venera Bridge



Project Cost

€2 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

The St. Venera Bridge, situated along the Marsa Hamrun Bypass in the town of St. Venera, stands as a completed infrastructural project and a true marvel of structural engineering. This iconic bridge was carefully designed and meticulously constructed to provide a safe and efficient passage for pedestrians through one of the most congested areas in Malta. The bridge’s design features vertical pillars, cast in-situ, forming three impressive towers connected by a footbridge. Each tower houses a lift and flights of stairs, ensuring accessibility and convenience for users. The innovative design comprises a combination of a beam bridge and an arch bridge, making it a striking addition to the area. Part of the bridge, spanning between two of the towers, consists of five prestressed concrete I beams, contributing to the bridge’s structural stability and load-bearing capacity. On the other side of the road, a tied arch design was used, adding an elegant and eye-catching element to the structure. The footing to column connections of the tied arch were critically designed with safety factors in mind, as these are crucial for holding the bridge upright and maintaining its stability. The foundation engineering for this project was particularly demanding, given its location in a highly frequented area by vehicles. Our structural engineers meticulously designed the foundations to ensure the bridge’s stability and resilience under heavy traffic loads. The St. Venera Bridge is not only an essential infrastructural element, facilitating smoother transportation and connectivity but also an structural masterpiece, adding aesthetic value to the surrounding environment. Completed with meticulous attention to detail, this bridge stands as a testament to the capabilities of our structural engineering team. The successful completion of the St. Venera Bridge reflects our commitment to delivering excellence in structural engineering, ensuring that this important project serves the community safely and efficiently.

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