Commercial, Residential

Apartments in Zebbug



Project Cost

€5 million

Scope of work

Architectural Design, Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This project comprising of a block of apartments, was carried out in Zebbug and offers a harmonious blend of residential living and commercial convenience. The project encompasses a very large block of apartments, thoughtfully designed to provide spacious and comfortable living spaces for its residents. Additionally, the development boasts a huge underground parking facility, catering to the parking needs of the inhabitants and visitors alike. This project also offers a bustling ground level with a variety of commercial outlets. These diverse commercial spaces add vibrancy to the surrounding area, providing convenience and essential services for both residents and passersby. The planning process for this multifaceted development was particularly challenging, considering the complexity of integrating both residential and commercial components. However, our team of architects and engineers met the challenge head-on, navigating through stringent regulations and designing a project that surpassed the client’s expectations. The architectural design exceeded the client’s vision, delivering more than they could have imagined. Each aspect of the project was meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless fusion of aesthetics and functionality. The result is a harmonious blend of residential and commercial spaces that coexist effortlessly. Structurally, this block was meticulously engineered to be sound and secure. Our team devised an innovative and robust structural plan, ensuring the longevity and stability of the entire development. The safety and structural integrity of the project were of utmost importance, and every detail was scrutinized to meet the highest standards.

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