Restoration of a dilapitated house in Zebbug



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This project in Zebbug stands as a resplendent architectural achievement, breathing new life into a historic gem that had fallen into disrepair. Completed with dedication and attention to detail. The core focus of the project was the restoration of the very dilapidated house, a task that demanded extensive structural alterations to ensure its stability and longevity. Our architectural and structural engineering teams collaborated closely to address the challenges posed by the building’s deteriorated condition, working tirelessly to revitalize the structure while preserving its heritage. Throughout the restoration, a deep respect for the house’s heritage was at the forefront of the design process. Every effort was made to honor the original architectural elements and restore them to their former splendor. Historical features, such as ornate facades, intricate moldings, and charming archways, were carefully preserved, contributing to the preservation of the house’s timeless character. Maximizing the use of the small space within the house was a particularly challenging aspect of the project. Our architects employed innovative design strategies to optimize every square meter, creating a layout that maximized functionality while maintaining an open and airy feel. The result was a harmonious balance between traditional charm and contemporary living. Outdoor spaces were thoughtfully integrated into all floors, adding to the allure of the restoration.

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