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This Beachclub project in Sliema stands as a remarkable testament to the power of innovative structural engineering and dedication to preservation. This commercial endeavor breathed new life into a beachclub that was once on the brink of demolition. The project posed unique challenges due to the beachclub’s proximity to the sea, which exposed the existing structure to harsh environmental conditions. Upon initial assessment, the existing structure was found to be in a state of complete disrepair, raising concerns about its viability. Previous engineers had deemed it necessary to demolish the beachclub entirely. Our firm, however, rose to the challenge, taking on the project when all hope seemed lost. Rather than resorting to demolition, we undertook the task of restoring and preserving the beachclub’s structure. This decision marked a turning point in the project, setting the stage for a transformation that would save the beachclub from oblivion. One of the key challenges addressed during the project involved treating the columns, which were heavily corroded due to the sea’s corrosive effects. Our engineers devised a specialized treatment to arrest the corrosion and reinforce the columns, ensuring their stability and longevity. To support the entire beachclub, a steel grillage structure was employed. This innovative approach distributed the loads efficiently, ensuring that the structure could withstand the coastal environment’s forces. The use of steel grillage not only saved the existing structure but also provided a cost-effective solution, avoiding the need for extensive interventions and costly demolitions.

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