Commercial Development in Marsa


Under Construction

Project Cost

€3 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This currently under construction project, is an exciting commercial development that spans multiple levels in the bustling town of Marsa. This project showcases our expertise in structural engineering, as we collaborate on creating a contemporary frame structure while preserving the old architectural skin, which holds significant importance to the town’s heritage. The development stands as a seamless blend of modern innovation and historical preservation. The old architectural skin is being carefully preserved to retain the essence of Marsa’s heritage, while the modern frame structure adds a dynamic and contemporary touch to the commercial hub. Throughout the development, flat slabs have been employed as an efficient and practical structural solution, ensuring a seamless and aesthetically pleasing interior while maintaining structural integrity. One of the main challenges encountered in the project was the silty ground on which the commercial hub is built. To address this, our team ingeniously designed a pile raft foundation, providing a stable and safe base for the building, overcoming the challenges posed by the soil conditions. The commercial development promises to become a vibrant and bustling hub for commercial activities in Marsa, offering businesses a dynamic and attractive space to flourish. As construction progresses, our team closely supervises and implements the structural engineering aspects to ensure a successful and timely completion.

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