Office Block in Hamrun



Project Cost

€5 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This project is a remarkable commercial project that stands as a testament to efficient structural engineering. This contemporary office block in Hamrun exemplifies sophistication and practicality. The office block was thoughtfully designed to cater to the needs of modern businesses, offering spacious and functional office spaces along with levels of underground parking. This combination of functionality and convenience ensures a seamless working environment for occupants and visitors alike. Finite Element (FE) slabs played a pivotal role in the construction of this block of offices. These advanced slabs enabled efficient load distribution, ensuring structural stability and flexibility in the building’s design. The use of FE slabs not only enhanced the building’s architectural aesthetics but also optimized construction time and costs. One of the highlights of the project was its extraordinary economic efficiency. Our structural engineering team worked diligently to devise a cost-effective solution that met all safety and performance requirements without compromising on quality. This focus on economy made the project an excellent investment for the client and a valuable addition to the urban landscape of Hamrun. Despite the tight spatial constraints, the structural elements were kept to a minimum, allowing for a more open and flexible interior space. The design adeptly utilized the available space, creating a modern and inviting office environment.

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