Villa Complex in San Pawl tat-Targa



Project Cost

€3 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This project is an exceptional architectural marvel, a vision brought to life through our meticulous planning and engineering expertise. Completed with grandeur and sophistication, this resulted in a magnificent villa complex nestled in the serene neighbourhood of San Pawl tat-Targa. The core of the project was the construction of a luxurious villa complex, each villa designed to epitomise opulence and elegance. The architectural team crafted a harmonious blend of modern aesthetics and functional design, catering to the refined tastes and lifestyle requirements of discerning homeowners. The construction posed unique challenges due to the requirement of minimal use of beams in the structural design. To meet this challenge, our team employed innovative flat slab technology, creating a seamless and visually appealing ceiling, free from traditional protruding beams. This approach not only allowed for a smooth and contemporary interior but also enhanced the overall architectural aesthetics. The area surrounding San Pawl tat-Targa demanded utmost attention to detail, as the project had to complement the existing architectural landscape while making a statement of its own. Our architects meticulously curated every aspect of the design, ensuring that each villa exuded charm, sophistication, and timeless beauty. The use of premium materials and exquisite finishes added an element of exclusivity to the complex, making it a true symbol of refined living.

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