Apartments in Lija



Project Cost

€5 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This project is a completed block of apartments which stands as an architectural marvel amidst the challenges posed by its unique location in Lija’s abandoned quarry. This residential complex, ingeniously designed by our team, has overcome the complexities of building on partially filled and rocky terrain. The building’s location in an abandoned quarry presented extraordinary challenges for our team of architects and structural engineers. The site comprised a combination of fill and rock, necessitating innovative structural solutions to ensure stability and longevity. A significant challenge arose due to the neighboring buildings, which were constructed without proper foundations. To address this concern, our team undertook the meticulous process of removing fill to solidify the neighboring structures’ foundations. This proactive approach ensured the safety and structural integrity of both the block of apartments and its neighboring buildings. The construction of this project was carried out in a strategic manner, building up the foundations from the ground level. Piles were expertly employed to support the roads and neighboring buildings, further enhancing the stability of the entire structure.Transfer slabs were ingeniously utilized for the ground floor level, facilitating a smooth load distribution across the building’s foundation. This advanced engineering solution contributed to the successful completion of the project and ensured a resilient and secure structure. The successful completion of such project reflects the remarkable resilience and ingenuity of our team in transforming an abandoned quarry into a thriving residential complex.

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