Apartments in St. Paul’s Bay



Project Cost

€1 million

Scope of work

Structural Design & Consultancy

About Project

This project consists of a noteworthy block of apartments project that stands as a testament to ingenuity and efficiency in structural engineering. This residential endeavor faced unique challenges posed by the subsoil conditions of the site. Through meticulous planning and innovative engineering solutions, a safe and cost-efficient foundation system was devised, meeting the client’s requirements while ensuring the project’s success. The site’s subsoil conditions presented a significant challenge to the project. Our engineering team worked diligently to find a solution that would provide a stable and robust foundation for the block. Balancing safety and cost-effectiveness was a key consideration throughout the planning process. Despite the complexities, our team managed to devise a foundation system that met all safety standards while remaining cost-efficient. The chosen structural engineering approach not only ensured the stability of the building but also minimized unnecessary expenses, optimizing the project’s budget and aligning with the client’s vision. Throughout the construction, a keen focus was placed on cost-efficiency, without compromising on quality or safety. The client’s satisfaction with the deemed cost-effectiveness of the structure further validated the success of the project.

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