About Us

SAS Malta is a structural engineering and architectural firm based in Birkirkara, Malta. It was established in 2011 to deliver exceptional structural engineering expertise to developers, contractors and property owners with an emphasis on service, quality and economy. The emphasis was on providing value engineering with the aim of using sophisticated engineering techniques to deliver cost effective and efficient buildings. Throughout the years the firm has evolved to provide all the services required by periti and today has a team dedicated to planning and architectural design.

Throughout these years, we have been involved in various large and medium sized projects such as apartment buildings, houses of character, hotels, restaurants, offices, etc both in Malta and abroad.

At SAS Malta, you will be working directly with the decision maker and we believe that providing this level of involvement by experienced professionals will ensure that the integrity of the work will be upheld from the beginning to the end which is essential to maintain schedules and budgets. Whether working for the owner, contractor, developer or investor, our goal is to deliver an excellent building. The firm provides a responsive service and is strongly committed to ensure projects meet all the needs, to achieve the goals and expectations of our clients.

David Paul Grima – Chartered civil engineer and architect
David Paul Grima obtained his Bachelor in Architecture and Civil Engineering from the University of Malta in 2005. He has also obtained a Postgraduate Diploma in the Conservation of Masonry Structures from the University of Malta and MSc. In Concrete Structural Engineering from Imperial College London. He had worked with established practices in Malta for a number of years before setting up the practice. Throughout the years he has worked on large commercial and residential buildings both in Malta and abroad.

David Grima is a Chartered Engineer and is registered with the British Institution of Civil Engineers and the United Kingdom Engineering Council. He is also warranted as an Architect and Civil Engineer by the Government of Malta and FEANI.
David John Borg – Architect & Structural Engineer
David is an architect and structural engineer and has worked on various projects in various stages of the design process. David is specialised in structural engineering after obtaining his M.Eng with distinction from the University of Malta. He mainly works on the large scale projects within the firm and manages both the structural design and site supervision. In his spare time, David is keen on Art and has a particular interest in etchings. He is warranted as an architect and structural engineer by the Government of Malta.
Jade Farrugia - Architect & Structural Engineer
Jade graduated from the University of Malta and obtained her M.Eng in structural engineering. She mainly works on the structural design of concrete and masonry buildings. Jade is very proficient in structural design and is keen on using both FE software and simple spreadsheets. She also takes care of the site management of a lot of medium and large sized sites and also supervises various valuations, condition reports and other reports within the office. She is also a professional dancer and has a keen interest in outdoor activities and travelling.