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The structural design consultancy for a 13-storey hotel involved several sophisticated engineering challenges and innovative solutions. The design featured a thin flat slab system, which required precise calculations to ensure adequate strength and stability while maintaining a sleek, modern aesthetic. The project also included complex foundation work to support the building’s load, accounting for various soil conditions and potential settlement issues. Deep basements were a significant aspect of the design, necessitating meticulous planning and execution to ensure structural integrity. This involved extensive excavation works, which had to be carefully managed to avoid compromising the surrounding structures and underground utilities. Advanced finite element analysis (FEA) played a crucial role in the structural design process. This sophisticated computational technique allowed engineers to create detailed models of the building, simulating various stress and load scenarios to optimize the design. FEA enabled the team to predict potential issues and address them proactively, ensuring the final structure would be safe, efficient, and cost-effective. Overall, the consultancy delivered a robust structural design that seamlessly integrated innovative engineering solutions with practical considerations, resulting in a safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing hotel.

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