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The residential complex in Attard is a multi-storey development featuring a two-storey underground parking area and a six-storey residential section above. The project presented significant engineering challenges, particularly in the design and construction of the underground parking. The parking structure includes a flat plate and rigid beam reinforced concrete transfer slab, with a notably large clear span of 13 by 17 meters. This extensive span required careful structural design to ensure stability and strength, supporting the loads from both the parking levels and the residential floors above. The use of a flat plate and rigid beam system provided the necessary rigidity and distribution of loads, ensuring the overall integrity of the building. This approach facilitated the creation of a functional and spacious underground parking area while maintaining the structural demands of the multi-storey residential component. Overall, the engineering solutions implemented in this project effectively addressed the challenges posed by the large spans and complex structural requirements, resulting in a robust and efficient residential complex in Attard.

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